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The CXSA serves a diverse member base consisting of various member segments. Whilst the needs across the member segments are mostly homogenous, there are some needs which are member segment specific. For the launch of the CXSA, we offer an Independent  and Organisational membership (with associate members). 


Membership offered to any Individual person or sole proprietor  that wants to join


Membership offered to Organisations  that wants to add a number of  associate members

Top reasons why you should become a 
CXSA Member

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Access to CX resources to build expertise (e.g.useful website, templates, resource library, toolkits, case studies, blog articles etc.)

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Connecting with CX professionals, industry experts and organisations via online platforms (e.g. CXSA CoP, LinkedIn group etc.)

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Training providers

Access to a directory of training service providers including an indication of accreditation

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An opportunity to  be mentor or mentee to Independent or Associate members.

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Vendor Directory

Being able to be listed as a Vendor and have access to all potential vendors for simplified procurement.

Networking Event

CX Events

Easy access to all CX events for employee exposure  and to  build your CX expertise

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Access to experienced CX professionals for recruitment purposes

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