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What to expect when you join the 
CXSA Member Community

Gain access to the members only portal

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You will have access to a wealth of information & resources - all related to Customer Experience, User Experience, Employee Experience, Experience Management, Experience Measurements etc. The type resources include:

  1. Scientific and Practitioner based Articles (73)

  2. Top 100 Rated Customer Experience Books (100)

  3. LinkedIn Learning Courses (33)

  4. Websites (16)

  5. Other Resources Library (5)

  6. Video's & Podcasts (5) Click here to get access to The CX Network Podcast Series

  7. List of Thought Leaders (South Africa & International) (33)

  8. Tools & Templates (23)

Want access to all of the resources? Register today!

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You will have your own personal profile that you can personalise.

  • Decide which information you want to share with your fellow members

  • Set your profile to a Public view and let everyone see what you are interested in.

  • Indicate whether or not you want to be. a mentor or mentee - by getting a badge and letting members know what if you would be open to mentor someone. 

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Click here to add your own content, or connect to data from your collections.

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